Important Tips to Hire Best Digital Marketing Freelancer

A Digital Marketing Professional is one of the most valuable assets your business can have.

The idea of hiring freelancers for digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular as every digital marketing specialist working remotely has some uniqueness in their work, but how can one recognize the right prospect according to their business needs?

There are some questions you should be asking yourself when hiring a Freelancer; Does Qualification matter, or just the end-results? Should I hire someone who’s an expert, or someone whose way of working is unique and result-oriented?

Truth be told, there are many questions. But you won´t find them here. What you will find here however, are answers.

To identify the right Digital Marketing Freelancer for the job, we recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • Work Portfolio and Reference – An individual’s portfolio speaks louder than his words and experience in the field, and his work insights are an essential parameter to focus on. His work portfolio shows us his experiences and shares insights about his terms with the prior employer, his technical knowledge about the project, and his strategic implementation.
  • Proactiveness – When you hire someone, you want him to show initiative and a desire to understand you, your project and your company. If the person is proactive in this field, he will ask  questions about the project, give you multiple approaches to choose from, and give you valuable insights and suggestions. This reflects their knowledge and interest in the industry.
  • Analytical Approach – The most significant part of a digital marketer every day is glancing at numbers on their screen and drawing up the story that they’ve been telling. From Google Analytics to different dashboards made available on social media platforms, a digital marketer should be exemplary at finding the correct numbers, breaking them down, analyzing and interpreting them and accordingly reworking their strategies to improve their assigned Key Performance Indicators.
  • Communication – Whether you are hiring a full-time candidate, Facebook and Google Ads Specialist or an SEO Freelancer, good communication skills play a significant role. In todays online marketplace, you might be tempted to look overseas for cheaper options. This could work in your favor, but usually it doesn´t. Delayed responses, multiple calls for projects, and lengthy messages are some red flags to look out for.
  • Quality of Work & Deadlines – The freedom of Freelancing comes with responsibility. Look for someone who is willing and ready to go beyond the call of duty to produce spotless work within the given time frame, and you have found someone who will take your business to the next level.
  • Motivated Individual – When making a choice of hiring the best digital marketing freelancer, you should understand if the candidate is self-motivated or not; as a self-motivated individual, he does not shy away from complex projects and works on creative and diligent ways to add value to your company.
  • Result driven – At the end of the day, you want someone who is gonna improve your business AND make your life easier. If he cannot drive results out of his efforts, what good is he to you?
  • Learn new things – An individual should have the drive to learn and develop himself, both professionally and personally. In this way, not only do they grow, but they also support the company to grow. If he is willing to learn, he can bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your projects. Continuous learning consistently adds value to the work he does.

Many organizations are still hesitant in hiring a freelancer for digital marketing over an in-house specialist. However, there are many benefits that you can come across when working with freelance digital marketers.

  • Cost-Effectiveness– One of the reasons to hire a freelancer for digital marketing is that they are more Cost-Effective than a dedicated full-time employee. This is especially true for any short-term projects your company might need assistance with. An advantage of working with a freelancer is that the company wouldn’t need to be worried about any additional costs that generally come along when hiring a full-time employee, like medical benefits, technical assets, and other expenses.
  • Diverse Experience– A freelancer tends to work on many projects for a varied and wide range of industries. In doing so, they acquire various skills, which allow them to choose the type of content that would have the maximum effect on your company. A digital marketing freelancer comes with a broad perspective obtained by working with many clients in several different industries.
  • Flexible Approach – Since freelancers primarily work on flexible hours, they would have flexible schedules. They would be able to give you quick updates and edits to your marketing campaign in comparison to a full-time employee. A freelancer for digital marketing would likely work irregular hours on projects to stay competitive and build connections. They will closely monitor your social media platforms and respond to comments in a timely manner. 

An experienced Digital Marketing Freelancer is a perfect choice for a company that values flexibility and a lean staff.

Even though it may sound a little complicated initially, understanding how to hire an expert digital marketer isn’t too hard when you do your homework. You may take some time to learn the most important and critical aspects of a digital marketer’s function, think and analyze about what you want them to do for your business, and you’ll have no trouble landing the right person for the job.